Bitzenburger Fletching Jig Base Straight

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Die cast jig frame with shaft cradle, permanent magnet, top and bottom adjustment dials, nock receiver index setting screws, nock receiver holding screws, and a standard nock receiver which determines the positioning of the fletching. Top and bottom adjustment knobs can be set to provide a straight fletch or to increase or decrease a diagonal fletch. Left and right clamps provide a left or right helical fletch. Feathers or vanes can be accurately spaced for 3-fletch-120, 4-fletch-75 X 105, 4- fletch-90, or 6-fletch-60. elect the standard straight, right, or left nock receiver when choosing your jig. Base and clamp sold separately.

Features:Die cast fletching jig;Adjustable offset;Feathers or vanes can be accurately spaced for three or four fletch;Base and clamp sold separately

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