Fin Finder F-31 Le Bowfishing Rtf Bow 30in. 10-25lbs. Rh

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The F-31LE (light edition) fuels bowfishing trips for archers who desire a lighter draw weight than the proven F-31. The 30? axle-to-axle platform, 8? brace height, and 15 29 lb. adjustable limbs with zero-let off cams provide a clean release even when snap shooting. The deep-well cam grooves keep the string from derailing when shooting at odd angles and quick-draw scenarios. The F-31LE features an anti-slip grip, perfect for wet environments, and stays steadfast in the hand under any condition.

Features:High quality Gordon Glass limbs;Anti-slip grip;Up to 31" draw;Zero let-off cams;Deep well cam grooves

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