Fin Finder F-31 Le Bowfishing Rtf Package W- Sidewinder Drum Reel Rh

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The F-31LE (light edition) fuels bowfishing trips for archers who desire a lighter draw weight than the proven F-31. The 30? axle-to-axle platform, 8? brace height, and 15 29 lb. adjustable limbs with zero-let off cams provide a clean release even when snap shooting. The deep-well cam grooves keep the string from derailing when shooting at odd angles and quick-draw scenarios. The F-31LE features an anti-slip grip, perfect for wet environments, and stays steadfast in the hand under any condition. Package includes Winch Pro reel, RefractR BLS laser sight, Current Arrow rest, Raider Pro arrow with Riptide point and Hydro-Shot finger savers.

Features:High quality Gordon Glass limbs;Anti-slip grip;Up to 31" draw;Zero let-off cams;Deep well cam grooves

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