Q2i Fusion X-ii Sl Vanes Black 1.75 In. 100 Pk.

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These lightweight, aerodynamic vanes are ultra-low-profile shield cuts designed for target and 3D archery. The best target archery vane on the market, with one of the smallest profiles. It is built for today's competitive archer with minimum in-flight disruption for a purer shot.

The sleek, low-profile vanes are intended for precision while firing long shots in the field or from a distance. It is great for rainy or windy circumstances because of its aerodynamic stability and whisper quietness. The unique dual polymer substance is easily applied with any regular adhesive. The height is .35. Weight: 4.3 grains (1.75), 5.3 grains (2.1).


  • Low-profile shield cut
  • Engineered for target and 3D archery
  • Ideal for wet or windy conditions
  • Proprietary duo polymer material

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